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Meet the Hosts

Dr. Gretta Chamberlain, DN is a lecturer, a remote energy transformational specialist, and an educator, who channels the non-physical entities known as The Realm of Beings. Because of this, some have given her the title of “mystic” as she has worked internationally with persons throughout the world.

Since her childhood, she has been exposed to psychic phenomena and now embraces the teachings and guidance from The Realm, who have been with her throughout her life. As a remote energy worker, she has facilitated for hundreds of people and animals of earth, as she continues to teach the various aspects of Existence and the Creation of Reality. Her work continues to expand beyond this dimension into other worlds that are contained within this Universe. Consequently, she has a myriad of out-of-world experiences, as she facilitates for non-humanoid individuals, who reside outside of this planet. Her spiritual work is in a constant state of expansion as she works to elevate the spirit of humankind, the earth, and the Universe.

She has been a teacher of children and adults for over fifty years while here in this country and abroad, as well as doing transformational and energy work for over twenty years. At this time, Dr. Gretta and the Realm of Beings are placing an emphasis on explaining the Creation of Reality within the context of Existence, and how we manage the Energy Force within us. Her lectures are all channeled and center on how we, as human individuals, create and own our personal reality which begins before conception. Since, having studied with Dr. Irene Hickman, an Osteopathic medical doctor and hypnotherapist, in the art of remote depossession work, Dr. Gretta’s personal instruction has been continued through the auspicious guidance of the Realm of Beings, whom are high vibrational ethereal scientists. These Beings guide and direct her work and her faciliatory interactions with others in order to support them in their self-healing process, psychologically, physically, and spiritually. Together, Dr. Gretta and The Realm of Beings, have created a concept known as transformational science, which entails supporting individuals in initiating new life paradigms. This science supports persons in developing their desired conscious life experiences. One major concept, emphasized within the transformational process, involves understanding the role of the Unconscious in the manifestation of one’s reality. As part of this modality, she also works with various animals in their healing processes and works with individuals who have transitioned from this earthly plane.

All of Gretta’s work is done remotely in mind and not through the use of mechanical means. Also, she has a passion for assisting others to understand their creative force and that their solutions and their challenges are internal not external. She teaches that each person is the producer, director, and actor of their life experience, and that there is no limit to what can be accomplished. Consequently, with this insight, she developed and administered an agency that serviced thousands of people in the non-corporate arena. She worked with children and adults to support them in developing themselves to be the best that they could be. She extended this idea to infants when teaching that education begins in the womb to pregnant women in this country and in South Africa. In addition, she provided leadership training for employees of various social and educational organizations. Also, she facilitated for people who sought relief from debilitative diseases such as cancer, various types of addictions such as cocaine and alcohol, and from mental and psychological conditions such as depression that can prohibit happiness and feelings of self-love and enjoyment of life.

Dr. Gretta has worked for a major publishing company and developed computerized educational materials for children and their families. As an extension of this training, she is presently involved in writing a book, in conjunction with The Realm of Beings, entitled Existence, which is providing information on Source, Its infinitude, and what part we play in this phenomenon called life.

Dr. Gretta’s Bachelor and Master Degrees focus on education while her Doctorate degree is in Naprapathic Medicine which deals with the treatment of connective tissue and the alleviation of pain. Within this area, an emphasis was placed on subjects such as functional medicine, neuroscience, and the manipulation of bone structures and the spine. Her additional graduate training covered studies in clinical psychology with an emphasis on various therapeutic modalities such as psychoanalytic and client-centered therapies. You can follow daily quotes dealing with Existence from Dr. Gretta and The Realm of Beings on Facebook and Instagram under the title, “Gretta’s House.”

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Dr. Gretta Chamberlain

Yvonne Kraeher

An artist, visionary and spiritual wisdom keeper, Yvonne Kraeher has been attuned to higher energetic frequencies from an early age as she experienced “visitations” from guides and spirits receiving messages and downloads from them which at the time were not common to speak about nor honored in the “traditional” world in which she grew up. Nevertheless, she continued on her quest to bring consciousness and healing into her own life, her family and those she has had the opportunity to connect with.


Her mission is to inspire fellow geniuses to liberate their hidden wisdom, radiate their brilliance and ignite their creative passions by raising their own consciousness. She does this through a series of workshops and playful experiential sessions.


Yvonne has led a traditional life as mother and business owner, yet her passions and experiences in the “other” world have continued to light the way for fellow travellers to follow her on her journey of self discovery. She is a wife, mother of three adult children and world explorer.


As principal of The Collective HeARTs Studio, Yvonne facilitates healing through the unlocking of other’s creative passions. She works as a Gene Key Guide, SoulCollage Facilitator and energetic artist offering workshops and individual sessions. 


Yvonne lives in Newtown, Pennsylvania with her husband, daughter, beloved pets and enjoys connecting with nature in her garden. She is passionate about reading, creative writing, yoga, and meditation.

Leigh Stima's curious and open mind has led her to research and experience a broad range of subjects within the alternative healing arena. She is also an avid reader and self-taught explorer of knowledge. Using her intuition as a guide, she has investigated many subject areas in the field of metaphysics, energy work, and various healing modalities. She has come across some fascinating concepts and ideas along the way.  

She has delved into numerous therapeutic modalities such as sound, color, and aromatherapy. Leigh has also been researching natural treatments for cancer and other maladies. Her list of interests is endless and she loves to discover new nuggets of knowledge. She describes herself as a “generalist” while continuing to expand her experiences and interests in the areas of health and spirituality.

As Leigh's life journey continues to broaden her understanding, she believes that her task in this time space reality may be to investigate what existence is, as well as the synchronicity and intertwining of her realities and experiences within herself and with other individuals. Over the years, she has become increasingly enthralled by the aspects of life and what it entails, as she wonders, “How do I fit in this framework of being? Why am I here? Who exactly am I?” 

Leigh is a person who is always on an eternal path of seeking. She is an explorer of the mysteries of the beginning and infinity. She welcomes the world of discovery and the search for meaning beyond what is visible. She is a detective of the unknown and enjoys sharing her findings with others who are open-minded and willing to share their thoughts and ideas about science, spirituality, and health.

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Leigh Stima

The Realm of Beings

These are energy personality essences who form a collective consciousness and are not entrenched in physical reality and subjected to its illusions. Their purpose for being present in this experiential environment is to assist individuals in understanding the creation of reality, unconditional love, and oneness, They have been psychically present in Gretta’s life since she was born and have guided her throughout her life. Now, they are available to the world through their presence on the podcast. They are also involved in the formulation of the Institute of Transformation Science which is an esoteric science Institute that focuses on the inner development of human beings through creation of reality psychologically, emotionally, and physically. In addition, The Realm participate in the training of Transformational Specialists and guides them in their remote energy healing work.

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