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Welcome to Shifting Impressions

Conversations with The Realm of Beings

To Create a New You!

At the turn of each moment, many realities are being created and uncreated. Consequently, We, as individuals, experience many things during this lifetime that are intertwined with our continuous thought patterns and emotional entrapments. Therefore, we sometimes create situations which even support us in questioning our existence within this particular life framework. 

The podcast, Shifting Impressions, Conversations with the Realm of Beings, is presenting itself each week to assist you, our listener, in moving through your journey with certainty and freedom from any type of trepidation or self-doubt. It focuses on assisting you in creating a life of release and a manifestation of the recognition of your true self, which is Divine.

So, we welcome you to experience us each Friday on Transformation Talk Radio, to follow the daily thoughts of the Realm of Beings, and subscribe to “Let’s Talk with Dr. Gretta."